Blogs and Shops

– Counter-Print

– Design Your Life

– Design Glut

– Drawn! The illustration and cartooning blog

– Egg Press: letterpress store

– Graduate School: The design thinking (and work) of Alberto Rigau

– Ink Initiative

– Three Potato Four

– Unit Editions

– The 99%: It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Design Thinking

– MakeTools: generative tools for collective creativity

– Patterns from IDEO

Images and Illustration

– advertising/design goodness

– atomictoy – dude-a-day

– Digital Ephemera

– Flickr: The Doodle Swap Project

– Leah Evans: Textiles [very graphic and amazing!]

– Mohawk Design Studio

– Street Anatomy: medical illustration design studio

– Jessica Hische Design & Illustration

– 30 Bizarre examples of defacing money


– The Show ‘n Tell Show

Motion and Multi-media Work

– Flong: Interactive art by Golan Levin and Collaborators

– Goollery: A collection of awesome Google-related projects

– The Creators Project: Muti Randolph

– Tom Gerhardt: Mud Tub

– Visible Tweets: Twitter Visualisations


– Hand Lettering: Nate Williams Illustration and Hand Lettering

– Letterhead Fonts: Typefaces for the professional artist

– The Letter Playground

Writing, Quotes and Essays

– Dave Eggers: on selling out and keeping it real

– Malcolm Gladwell’s blog

– Ira Glass, entropy, and software development (37 signals)

– The Design Cubicle: Brian Hoff

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